About Us

Thank you all for taking time to check out the new website. I have had a love for animals my whole life. My Dad had wonderful, sweet bird dogs that I loved to play with as a child and my Mom has told many stories of me bringing home every stray kitten I would find. My Grandfather gave me my first purebred dog when I was 8 years old, a sweet and loyal Norwegian Elkhound. My oldest daughter got a Cocker Spaniel for her first birthday. This started our first litters and friends and I showed Cockers for a short time. Down the road we raised Jack Russell Terriers and Australian Shepherds who went along on trail rides with the horses. We also did some Obedience training. My Love of Terriers led me to the absolutely wonderful and intelligent Westie. I was hooked ! They have the best personality and that bold ” Westietude ” You can’t help but love them. The great little Dachshund has always had my heart as well with their playful, fun loving temperament. Such little clowns and a nice variety of coats and colors.

We strive to raise a happy, healthy puppy that will give you years of joy and companionship. We can give you guidance on caring for and training your puppy and are here to answer any questions you may have. I have learned so much in the last 30 years of breeding these special babies. I am also a Labor & Delivery nurse so this gives me added knowledge when it comes to pregnancy, labor and birth. Our puppies come with a health guarantee that they will be free of birth defects. Puppies are current on deworming and vaccines appropriate for their age. You can reserve your puppy with a non-refundable deposit. Please contact me anytime with questions, concerns or advice. We look forward to helping you find your next furry family member.